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ShanghaiDriver on the move

“escape from Shanghai” with the PM2.5 index exceed 500, shanghai is not suitable for healthy living now. There are some people choosing to withdraw from Shanghai. Our client Ms. K with her family and friends have made their decision to find a nice place for a weekend – that is Banyan Tree Hangzhou ( ShanghaiDriver is on the road now …

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Shanghai Driver / Shanghai Car Rental is on CNN

Above is the video published in CNN Yeah, almost everybody knows watertown in Venice, Italy. However, there’s also a watertown, ZhuJiaJiao near Shanghai. Weeks ago, we give car rental service, tour and guide businessmen and tourists to this watertown near Shanghai. When you are on a business or leisure trip around Shanghai, we can guide, tour, interpret or translate for …

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shanghai driver shows you suzhou silk factory

We ( me and my client) visited a Suzhou Silk Factory. You will learn how the suzhou silk is produced. You will also view the cocoon , the process and so on. It’s magnificent. If you want car rental with driver service on how to go Suzhou  jiangsu or any other places near Shanghai, just email or tel 1891 …

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shanghaidriver shows you wooden house factory

ShanghaiDriver shows you wooden house factory. Some houses can be built within 1 day. It’s stable and fast. If you’re interested in visiting this factory or any other factory around shanghai, feel free to email or tel 1891 7745 168

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Chinese business etiquette

In the video, you will learn about greeting in china. When you do business in china, please remember to bring your business card. When you receive business card, please receive in both hands. These are all about the important chinese business etiquette in China. You can email , Tel : 1891 7745 168 ( please add + 86 if …

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ShanghaiDriver presents XiTang, China to you

Xitang ( 西塘 ) is an ancient scenic town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China. You will explore the beautiful Xitang and relaxing lifestyle. 9 rivers crisscrossed XiTang. And it contains numerous antique residences and temples, such as the Temple of the Seven Masters. If you want to visit XiTang, you can email , or tel 1891 7745 168 …

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shanghai car rental with driver


Whether you’re on business trip or factory visit, I can drive you around Shanghai. I’m good in English / Chinese, can interpret for you nicely, know well around Shanghai and surrounding area.I’m also able to consult you about doing business in china too. My email : , Tel : +86 189 1774 5168 In the video, you notice that …

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how do you import from china ?

1) What do you want to import ? – You can choose a product you like. This helps you to stay motivated and passionate about your product – Think about the shipping cost. If it is bulky and low profit margin, you may need to change your product 2) Find Your suppliers – A few resources are a) b) …

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