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shanghai travel

Many tourists come to shanghai. They will often go to the shanghai tourist attraction as below : a) The bund, famous of her European style architecture and it is located beside HuangPo river b) Oriental Pearl Tower, located near the LuJiaZui metro station c) Shanghai Zoo, yeah to view the panda d) Yuyuan Garden, City God of Temple, Shanghai Museum, …

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shanghaidriver shows you wooden house factory

ShanghaiDriver shows you wooden house factory. Some houses can be built within 1 day. It’s stable and fast. If you’re interested in visiting this factory or any other factory around shanghai, feel free to email or tel 1891 7745 168

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ShanghaiDriver presents XiTang, China to you

Xitang ( 西塘 ) is an ancient scenic town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China. You will explore the beautiful Xitang and relaxing lifestyle. 9 rivers crisscrossed XiTang. And it contains numerous antique residences and temples, such as the Temple of the Seven Masters. If you want to visit XiTang, you can email , or tel 1891 7745 168 …

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shanghai car hire – travel spot in shanghai (zhujiajiao )

ZhuJiaJiao, water town near Shanghai. You can view the boat going through a river and experience the nice water town, ZhuJiaJiao. If you want to know how and where is ZhuJiaJiao, you can email

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shanghai driver tours you to hangzhou – part 1- ( shanghai car rental)

In this youtube video or youku video, you would travel with us, visiting Hangzhou and nearby places. You will also notice the happy smiling face of our clients. Of course, through shanghai car rental service, Shanghai driver will fulfill all of your business and travel needs within 500 km around Shanghai Email : Tel : +86 189 1774 5168

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Rent a car in Shanghai

I will be your driver, your interpreter, your guide for your travel or business purpose in Shanghai. I know Shanghai very well. Furthermore, if you want leisure travel, factory or manufacturer visits, I would be glad to drive you anywhere within 500 km from Shanghai Question, you can email me or +86 189 1774 5168  

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shanghai car rental

The video shows you around the Bund district, Shanghai, China. Whether you want a car rental service in Shanghai for your business or travel purpose, we can help you. Clients feel happy and satisfied are also shown on the video. You can email or call + 86 189 1774 5168

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shanghai car rental with driver


Whether you’re on business trip or factory visit, I can drive you around Shanghai. I’m good in English / Chinese, can interpret for you nicely, know well around Shanghai and surrounding area.I’m also able to consult you about doing business in china too. My email : , Tel : +86 189 1774 5168 In the video, you notice that …

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