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Beautiful HuangShan is captured by Shanghai Driver

Have you seen the wonderful Huangshan or Huang Shan mountain near Shanghai, China or to be precise Anhui, China ? You will feel you’re on the highest peak on the world, surrounded by the clouds, and you feel you’re in the wonderland Sometimes, foreigners call this Mt HuangShan as yellow mountain too Because Huang means yellow in chinese When you …

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Shanghai Driver / Shanghai Car Rental is on CNN

Above is the video published in CNN Yeah, almost everybody knows watertown in Venice, Italy. However, there’s also a watertown, ZhuJiaJiao near Shanghai. Weeks ago, we give car rental service, tour and guide businessmen and tourists to this watertown near Shanghai. When you are on a business or leisure trip around Shanghai, we can guide, tour, interpret or translate for …

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shanghaidriver shows you wooden house factory

ShanghaiDriver shows you wooden house factory. Some houses can be built within 1 day. It’s stable and fast. If you’re interested in visiting this factory or any other factory around shanghai, feel free to email or tel 1891 7745 168

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immense yourself in Hangzhou West Lake – shanghaidriver

Oh yeah, this is the second video of Hangzhou. West Lake or Xī Hú (Chinese: 西湖; literally “West Lake”) is a freshwater lake located in the historic area of Hangzhou. It is a world heritage site In the video, you will enjoy the ancient cities, wonderful lakeview, magnificent natural environments and so on. Let me know how you feel about …

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Shanghai driver introduces WuZhen, China

We will walk you through the water town, Wu Zhen nearby Shanghai. You will view the wonderful and relaxing sceneries in West scenic WuZhen zone, East scenic WuZhen zone and a youth hostel. Is the video nice ? Is the scenery nice ? If you want to go there, e.g need car rental service, touring service, interperting service, just email …

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shanghai car hire – travel spot in shanghai (zhujiajiao )

ZhuJiaJiao, water town near Shanghai. You can view the boat going through a river and experience the nice water town, ZhuJiaJiao. If you want to know how and where is ZhuJiaJiao, you can email

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shanghai driver introduces you about Shanghai


I, nigel bai as shanghai driver introduces you about Shanghai. In the video, you will learn about Shanghai, view the famous travel destination in Shanghai. Besides this, I can recommend which hotel you should stay, drive you around Shanghai, arrange your business or factory visits. I can interpret and consult you about china sourcing, china manufacturing. Email me nigel(at) or …

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