About ShanghaiDriver.net

ShanghaiDriver.net is the Car Service Division of InstantChina Business Service Ltd. We have two divisions: Car Service and Business Service.
Both services target the same clientele: foreign businesses and individuals who travel to or live in China. Although we cater to the leisure travelers too, business people will find our services most attractive.
Our car service solves all the usual headaches that a foreign visitor encounters in China. It answers the needs for efficient ground transportation and a solution to language issues.

We are probably the only Car Service Company that is owned and operated by a group of bilingual engineers/business consultants in Shanghai. We might also be the only Business Service Company that has its own Car Rental Division. Our extensive dealings with foreign clients inspire us to develop our current business model. We aim to provide the most efficient transportation at the most affordable prices.

    It is our intention to be the default choice for foreign businesses when they think transportation in Shanghai. We are in the process of signing contracts with various organizations offering discounts in return for volume business.

A briefing of our Car Service division.

      • Over the years, we have accumulated the following lineup (with drivers):
    • Mercedes Benz S600L, E300L, VIANO (7 seats), SPRINTER (17 seats), MB100 (12/15 seats).
    • Buick GL8 (7 seats), LaCrosse
    • VolksWagon TIGUAN, Passat, Lavida
    • BMW 530Li, 730Li.
    • Audi A6L, A8L
    • Ford Mondeo, Transit (17 seats)
    • Toyota Coaster (19/23 seats)
    • Foton bus (33/37 seats)
    • KingLong bus (55 seats)
      • All are available at very reasonable rates. Watch out for our promotions. We provide English support to all the drivers 24/7.

To book the vehicle of your choice, email booking@shanghaidriver.net.

A briefing of our Business Service division.

      • Our bilingual engineers/consultants can help our business clients to:
    • Outsource China product;
    • Do an on-site factory verification/audit;
    • Provide quality inspection;
    • Provide production follow-up;
    • Arrange for shipping/warehousing;
    • For more information, please visit