Business Sedan / Luxury Limo / Minivan / Mini-bus / Bus

From 5-seat sedan, to 59-seat Bus, we provide full range of vehicles of various class. We can meet both your budget and luxury needs.




Most Popular Cars Booked

Buick GL8

Most Popular 7-seat Van used in all kinds of trips that need good space.

Mercedes-Benz V class 7-seat Van

It's a more comfortable and spacious 7-seat van that's ideal for business and sightseeing travel.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

The new Mercedes S class with English speaking driver can meet any LUXURY travel needs in the town.

19-seat Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Travel in Mercedes-Benz is always the great choice for any events or small groups.

23-seat Toyota Coaster & 12-seat LUXURY version

Toyota Coaster is the best mini-bus for business or LUXURY travel with it's different configurations.

Green travel with Hybrid SUV

Let's take this Eco-friendly new Hybrid SUV to do your budget travel plans, no matter in city or intercity.

We provide full range of vehicles

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Special Arrangements

We can arrange for mini-truck to travel with car or bus for extra luggage transportation.

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