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Hello Nigel, We are now back in Australia and would like to thank you for the time we spent with you in Shanghai. Your driving and translating was a great help when we were conducting business and your local knowledge and advise allowed us to experience a Shanghai we would not have found without you. Your rates are very reasonable for the quality service you provide. I will be recommending you to any of my friends that may travel to China either on business or holiday in the future. Regards Philip and KatePhilip and Kate, Australia
Me and my Family took a trip with Nigel from Shanghai to Suzhou. It was a great trip, hassle free and enjoy the entire time. Nigel was ready to help as much as he could. He was a great deal of help when figuring out where to go, as well as when we went to eat for lunch. During the car ride he was able to provide a great deal of insight on China and was a joy to converse with. Anybody looking for a reliable driver with insight into China who can speak english should have Nigel on the top of the list. Would do it anytime again, and probably will!Markus, Germany
During my visit to Shanghai Nigel helped me to arrange a trip to Yangshan port area so I could observe the port operations! I found out he is a reliable person with good English skills and clear and affordable pricing policy. The trip was a success and I can recommend Nigel to anyone considering using his company's services.Pekka, Finland
Nigel, thanks so much for showing us around Shanghai! You were instrumental in making this trip a most memorable one. We are so glad that we were not trying to drive around by ourselves. But beyond your driving skills, we want to thank you for showing us some places we would never have found on our own.Kathy, USA
Nigel's car+interpreter service is a rare gem in China. It is a testament to the intrinsic nature of Chinese hospitality that such a quality service exists in Shanghai today.Aaron, Canada
Your fluency in English/Chinese and unique local knowledge helped me a lot!Daniel, Australia
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