Xi’an, the home of Terra-Cotta Warriors

Xi’an Taxi Briefing

It’s too hard for an foreigner to take taxi in Xi’an due to the following reason:
1. Most taxies are in poor condition, small in size (like home-use economy car) and not clean;
2. Drive crazily aggressive;
3. Over-charge passengers quite often by giving one high price instead of using odimeter;
4. Taking more passengers to the same direction though its already occupied;
5. No English;
6. Impatience.

What service we provide

Our Features:
1. Nice Cars. We provide well-maitained nice cars like Mercedes Benz E series, BMW 5 series, Audi A6L, Buick GL8, Buick LaCrosse, Honda Accord, Honda CRV, Toyota Camry, etc.
2. Clear Itinerary. We communicate well with our client in English and setup the itinerary based on client’s needs in advance to avoid any confusion.
3. English Driver or English support. Some of our drivers can speak English. Some do not speak English, but we have 24/7 English support to our driver, who can call our bilingual consultant anytime during the trip to help in a real-time communication.
4. Safe-driving. All our drivers are well trained drivers with good safe-driving record.
5. Travel Suggestion. We can recommend the best travel route in Xi’an if our clients were not familiar with Xi’an and do need a suggestion.
6. Fair Pricing. Our pricing is very reasonable and our service is worry-free.

Cars available in Xi’an

Please send your enquiry to booking@shanghaidriver.net, and state what kind of car you want to book, and what’s your itinerary (if you have). We’ll get back to you very soon.

A. Seden car, like Mercedes Benz E series, S series, BMW 5 series, 7 series, etc.
B. Business Car, like Buick LaCrosse, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, etc.
C. Business Van, like 7-seat Buick GL8, 7-8 seat Refine, etc.
D. Economy car, like Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, etc.

Service Packages

If you don’t know where to go in Xi’an, we can recommend some traval packages with best routes. You can also ask for some adjustments for these recommendations.

Package 1:
One-day trip: