Private Transfers & Customized Trips

Rest easy with door-to-door pickup and dropoff — no change of transportation needed.
Private Transfers 专车接送
Intercity Rides 跨城直达
Customized Trips 定制旅行




Service Overview


Book our professional driver and the most suitable vehicle type to perform airport transfers, high-speed train station transfers, cruise terminal transfers, exhibition center transfers, commute transfers, school transfers, family shopping transfers, light moving services, and any point A-B Transfer service.


Book our processional driver who is experienced in long-distance driving. ​Have a Classy, Safe, Comfortable, and Reliable ride from one city to another. Comfort of point to point pick up and drop, saves time and offers convenience.


Book our professional driver to take the most suitable car model and go anywhere at any time. It can be half a day, a full day, a few days, or even a few weeks. For example, custom travel in Shanghai, custom travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou, custom travel from Shanghai to Suzhou, and custom travel from Shanghai to water villages.


We can use our knowledge of road conditions, transit time, and local conditions to help you determine the final itinerary. You can also help find nearby restaurants and hotels, and assist in English communication when necessary. These are free value-added services.

How To Book The Trip

The fastest way:

  • Please fill in the number of people, vehicle requirements, specific itinerary (including stay time in various places) and other information. We can return the offer most efficiently. 
  • Of course, you can also send specific requests directly via email 
  • We also support a variety of contact methods, including: WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, and direct calls. It is not recommended to use Facebook’s information function because it is not convenient to collect information in real time. 

Note: Once you sent your request, our staff will be very nicely taking care of it and guide you through the whole process.

Fill in This Form and Send

ShanghaiDriver full range of car and bus

How We Price the Trips

1. Initial communication to fully understand customer requirements.

  • The client explains the specific itinerary by submitting a website form or sending an email directly.
  • It is also possible to communicate details more specifically through telephone, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., because the initial information provided is often not enough to estimate the cost. 
  • Note: Since the information provided by the customer directly affects the accuracy of price calculation, the clearer the customer can introduce the itinerary, the better. 

2. Calculate the cost and provide a quote based on a clear itinerary.

  • After understanding the customer’s specific itinerary and vehicle model requirements, we can get a preliminary estimate based on the driving time, distance, direct cost of the car, and the driver’s board and lodging expenses. 
  • Because it is a fully customized itinerary, the final price is often based on the basic price, plus additional costs for overtime and over kilometers.  
  • If the itinerary is very unspecific, then incidental expenses such as parking fees and tolls are often recorded separately and paid directly by the customer.