Benz S600 3

Mercedes Benz S600L with driver, USD300/day unbelievable price in Shanghai

Mercedes Benz S600L in special promotion in Shanghai! Promotion time: from 20th March 2015 to 30th April 2015. Standard Market price: USD450/day. Our Promotion Price: USD300/day. Detailed instructions: Promotion Code is S600L-2015-PRO-1. Please include this code when you book the car.

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Tiguan 1

new VolksWagon TIGUAN with driver, USD140/day!

new VolksWagon TIGUAN in special promotion in Shanghai! Promotion time: from 20th March 2015 to 30th April 2015. Standard Market price: USD170/day. Our Promotion Price: USD135/day with driver. Detailed instructions: Promotion Code is TIGUAN-2015-PRO-1. Please include this code when you book the car.

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What differentiates ShanghaiDriver from other car rental companies in Shanghai?

1. English Support. Compared with other car rental companies in Shanghai, our English support is much more substantial. Many of our drivers can speak English. Others cannot, but our English speaking staff is 7/24 on the other side of phone to support our driver in communicating with the client. When necessary, we can even send a separate interpreter, at low …

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ShanghaiDriver on the move

“escape from Shanghai” with the PM2.5 index exceed 500, shanghai is not suitable for healthy living now. There are some people choosing to withdraw from Shanghai. Our client Ms. K with her family and friends have made their decision to find a nice place for a weekend – that is Banyan Tree Hangzhou ( ShanghaiDriver is on the road now …

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how do you rent a car service in shanghai ?

When you are going to hire a car service in shanghai, you should look for reviews. Having a good car rental with driver in shanghai will make your trip easy, wonderful and enjoyable Look at what other people are talking in the shanghaiexpat forum Furthermore, you should look for the testimonials left by our customers who have used our …

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shanghai travel

Many tourists come to shanghai. They will often go to the shanghai tourist attraction as below : a) The bund, famous of her European style architecture and it is located beside HuangPo river b) Oriental Pearl Tower, located near the LuJiaZui metro station c) Shanghai Zoo, yeah to view the panda d) Yuyuan Garden, City God of Temple, Shanghai Museum, …

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shanghai car rental

Many expats, foreigners and tourists have challenges locating a trusted car driver in shanghai. Why ? Because it is extremely challenging to find an english speaking car driver who is trusted, reliable and familiar with the traffic and roads in shanghai. Our shanghai car rental service and driver shanghai cost are all on our website A few car rental companies …

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Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou industrial Park is a collaboration venture between China government and Singapore governemnt. Its abbreviation is SIP. Please watch the above video to see the progress of SIP in Suzhou Many big international companies are in Suzhou Industrial Park. If you’re interested to visit SIP, please email

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hangzhou china

Hangzhou is an important central city in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta and a hub of transportation in southeast China. Hangzhou china or its other name hangzhou westlake is famous for its history, culture and also fantastic scenic spot. Come and visit hangzhou zhejiang yourself When you need a tour or car driver service near shanghai, you …

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Beautiful HuangShan is captured by Shanghai Driver

Have you seen the wonderful Huangshan or Huang Shan mountain near Shanghai, China or to be precise Anhui, China ? You will feel you’re on the highest peak on the world, surrounded by the clouds, and you feel you’re in the wonderland Sometimes, foreigners call this Mt HuangShan as yellow mountain too Because Huang means yellow in chinese When you …

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