Moganshan - Shanghai's Backyard

There are no mountains in Shanghai, only crowded hustle and bustle. Moganshan is the preferred destination for all Shanghai expats to return to nature, to pursue fresh air, clean skies, peace of mind, and to build up energy.

Various Tour Options for Moganshan

If you have tight schedule, you can choose to travel between Shanghai and Moganshan on the same day.

Generally, it is recommended to stay in Moganshan for one or two nights to better appreciate that relaxed and natural style of living and to enjoy the essence of Moganshan.​

Moganshan hiking
Moganshan One-day Hiking

Expats living in Shanghai who have never been to Moganshan are like tourists visiting Shanghai who have never visited The Bund. Even if you can only spare one day, with our professional driver service, you can easily visit Moganshan and feel its charm. This is a suggested itinerary for a one-day tour of Moganshan.

Moganshan tour
Moganshan 2-day Pleasant Tour
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Shanghai to Moganshan one-day round trip
Moganshan 3-day Peace and Relax
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ShanghaiDriver Features for Moganshan Tour

Moganshan presents a myriad of manifestations for people to explore, and each visitor will have a different mood and arrangement to suit their needs.
ShanghaiDriver helps you to travel between Shanghai and Moganshan in a comfortable car, allowing you to concentrate on experiencing your vacation completely worry-free.

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Drivers fully prepared and always ready to help

Our highly qualified team of drivers maintains a graceful and relaxed driving style. Not only are they familiar with the roads to Moganshan, but they can also use English to communicate and make sure everything goes smoothly on the road.

Cars are clean, non-smoking and fully equipped

The spacious and comfortable vehicle will ensure that you can completely relax during your journey and you can even play your music through the car speakers to stay in good mood. We can prepare baby-seat in the car when you travel with your sweet kids.

Itinerary is flexible, travel suggestions can be provided

We are always happy to provide you with extensive travel advice when needed in order to best meet your sightseeing expectations. With our experience, you can make full use of your treasurable time for more exploration.

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The best transport solution from Shanghai to Moganshan

Travel with ShanghaiDriver, we know very well where you want to explore and what you would like to see around Moganshan - because we focus on serving our target clientele over 10 years!

  • Over the past 10 years, we have received numerous expat clients from Shanghai to travel to Moganshan. Whether it is a family trip, a group trip with friends, a large corporate tour or staff reunion, we have the most suitable vehicles and the most experienced drivers.
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We provide professional car service from all these hotels to anywhere for sightseeing trips at disposal.

First settled in the 1800s by missionaries and their families looking to escape sweltering Shanghai summers, Moganshan has since seen everyone from Chinese gangsters to Chiang Kai-shek and his wife Soong Mei-ling on their honeymoon in 1927. By 1910, about 300 foreigners had set up homes in Moganshan. Nowadays, it provides city dwellers with an easy escape back into nature.
Most visitors opt to spend some time hiking the mountain. Local guesthouses and retreats also offer a variety of options including adventurous activities like horse riding and holistic retreats.

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Pleasure Tours in Moganshan

People visiting Shanghai on Sightseeing tour usually need suggestions for a better plan that covers those must-see attractions and those that really interest them.
ShanghaiDriver's greatest strengths are its excellent English communication skills and its extensive experience in serving overseas tourists.

[above picture] Lujiazui High-rise view from Nanjing East Road in Shanghai

Shanghai Highlights Day-Tour for first-time visitors to Shanghai

Purpose of Tour:

1. Enjoy the landmark attractions that truly represent Shanghai on the ground. 

2. Experience the culture and unique character of Shanghai in the shortest possible time.


The Bund, Shanghai Tower, Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Old Street, French Concession (Tianzifang or Wukang Road/Wukang Mansion, Xintiandi.

Full day itinerary: 

9:00am pickup at hotel (e.g. Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre), drop off at Songhelou on The Bund.

9:20am-10:30am tour on foot along The Bund from south to north, through Waibaidu bridge, wait at the gate of Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai.

10:30am pickup at the gate of Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai, go to Shanghai Tower.

11:00am-12:00pm Bird view Shanghai from Shanghai Tower, 632 meter high building.

12:20pm pickup at Shanghai Tower, go to Yuyuan Garden.

13:00pm-16:00pm Quick Lunch and tour Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai old street nearby.

16:00pm pickup at Xintiandi, go to Tianzifang or Wukang Road.

17:30pm pickup from this size, go to Dongping Road/Taojiang Road for western dinner, or go back to hotel. 

Escape from Urban Depression - Shanghai Weekend Outings Day-Trip Plan 1

Purpose of Tour:

1. Relax and regain energy

2. Experience the wonderful natural scenery.


Chongming Island, Chongming Dongping National Forest Park, Dongtan Wet Land.

Full day itinerary: 

8:00am Pickup at home or hotel.

9:30am-11:00am, tour Dongtan wetland.

11:00am-12:00pm. Dongtan to Dongping Forest Park.

12:30pm-4:30pm. Dongping Forest Park.

4:30pm-6:30pm Back to home or hotel.


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After we fully understand your car rental needs (including itinerary) and provide a corresponding quote, if you accept the quote and officially confirm that you want to book our services, we usually send you a deposit link. By paying the deposit, the order is confirmed and we will ensure that the vehicle and driver are arranged.

In some emergency situations, if you are unable to pay the deposit, then be sure to provide your formal company information,  your name,  address/phone number/email, and a written commitment to book our services.

1. This is an industry practice. Similar to many reservation-based services, a deposit is a guarantee of a promise. It is the equivalent of a service contract and both parties need to keep the promise.

2. We are paying costs in the preparation process of performing the booked service. If there is no deposit binding, then we lose the cost after the customer cancels the booking at will. For example, we need to arrange a car to Hangzhou to pick up the guest back to Shanghai. Once our driver leaves Shanghai for Hangzhou, we have to pay for the driver’s time/gasoline, toll fees, etc. Without the deposit, the client may change their plans at any time and not use our service at the last minute, such as taking the high-speed train or using another company’s service.

We can use PayPal invoice, which can be paid with your Paypal account, or credit card online.

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Cancellation process: Please send us the objective reason for cancellation of the reservation through the main communication channels. We will check and confirm the cancellation, and then arrange the corresponding deposit refund. The deposit refund policy is as follows.

Deposit refund policy: Full deposit refund 24 hours before service time, half deposit refund 12 hours before service time, no refund within 12 hours before service time.

For a large city of 25 million people, Shanghai’s traffic is very complicated and the destinations for business travel are highly dispersed, a reasonable itinerary and departure schedule is essential to ensure on-time meetings. We also try to avoid travelling back and forth on busy streets to save valuable time.

Our drivers have over 10 years of driving experience and are familiar with the streets of Shanghai and can estimate the approximate travel time for each leg of the trip. We can assist our clients in developing the most reasonable driving route and departure time to ensure that they arrive at the meeting location early.

If the meeting time is set by our client, we suggest that the client send us the location of the hotel and the addresses of all the destinations to be visited on that day, and we can provide a full day schedule suggestion according to the time used by the client for the meeting.


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