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We are probably the only Car Service Company that is owned and operated by a group of bilingual engineers/business consultants in Shanghai. We might also be the only Business Service Company that has its own Car Rental Division. Our extensive dealings with foreign clients inspire us to develop our current business model. We aim to provide the most efficient transportation at the most affordable prices.

    It is our intention to be the default choice for foreign businesses when they think transportation in Shanghai. We are in the process of signing contracts with various organizations offering discounts in return for volume business.


Paul (left) and Nigel (from ShanghaiDriver.net) on a factory tour to Ningbo and Yiwu
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Learn about our concept, our people, our capabilities, our focus, and you'll have your answer.

ShanghaiDriver.net is more than just a car rental company. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We use English speaking drivers with college degrees to facilitate your travels. We use the most appropriate vehicles for your special occasion. When needed, we can send an English-speaking interpreter or English-speaking tour guide with the vehicle. Our team of experienced engineers are also well versed in helping you communicate and follow up with local factories or suppliers. Our price is fair and clear, no hidden charges. We got tons of nice reviews from our happy customers on our TripAdvisor page.


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Our History

How did we grow to such a bilingual transportation company that can best serve overseas businesses and individuals, local multinationals and expatriates who are in pursuit of high quality transportation solution in Shanghai?

ShanghaiDriver.net was born in 2010 providing car / bus with driver services to our target clientele.

ShanghaiDriver.net is the Car Service Division of InstantChina Business Service Co. Ltd. We have two lines of services: Car Rental with Driver and Business Service. Both services target the same clientele: foreign businesses and individuals who travel to or live in China. Although we cater to the leisure travelers too, business people will find our services most attractive. Our car service solves all the usual headaches that a foreign visitor encounters in China. It answers the needs for efficient ground transportation and a solution to language issues.

Rocket Science & Engineering

Our team of start-up entrepreneurs used to be rocket science engineers, working in factories and research institutes, on electrical and mechanical engineering projects. We are well aware of how Chinese factories operate and their strengths and weaknesses.

Technical Translation and Update

In order to improve our language skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technology, we moved to the technical translation industry and created our own translation company, allocalization.com which still maintains a steady business today.

Sourcing, Quality Control, Production Management

International exchange and cooperation is the global trend, and with our linguistic and technical strengths we have established our business services company, instantchina.com, based in Shanghai, the largest and most open mega-city in China.

High Quality Bilingual Transportation Service

It was within the framework of InstantChina Services that we expanded our business to forming the most competent bilingual car service team, to address the needs of our target clientele for high quality transportation in Shanghai and other major cities.

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