Our fleet

From 5-seat limo, to 55-seat coach, we provide full size, all class vehicles in Shanghai and other major cities.

Mercedes E & S Class

5-seat Executive and Luxury

You can’t go wrong with a Mercedes-Benz limousine for formal occasions. E Class, S Class, Maybach…

Mercedes V Class

7-seat Business Van

Great space and performance. Ideal for small groups of 2-6 people on a leisurely vacation or business trip.

Mercedes Sprinter

12-19 seat mini bus

Ideal for company annual meetings / celebrations / group building / conferences / expos / large events. 

Buick GL8

7-seat Business Van

The most popular 7-seat business van, ideal for normal business or sightseeing.

Toyota Coaster

19-23 seat Mini-bus

The most popular medium-sized mini bus in China. It is an all-rounder.

Coach / Bus

33/40/45/50/55 seat Coach

For group visits / big events / exhibitions, you need large buses to take rides.

Why Choose Us

Learn about our concept, our people, our capabilities, our focus, and you'll have your answer.

ShanghaiDriver.net is more than just a car rental company. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We use English speaking drivers with college degrees to facilitate your travels. We use the most appropriate vehicles for your special occasion. When needed, we can send an English-speaking interpreter or English-speaking tour guide with the vehicle. Our team of experienced engineers are also well versed in helping you communicate and follow up with local factories or suppliers. Our price is fair and clear, no hidden charges. We got tons of nice reviews from our happy customers on our TripAdvisor page.


Your Best Experience First


High Quality Drivers


English/Chinese Service as Standard


Price is Fair and Clear, NO HIDDEN

Taking you
you can imagine.

Not only to parties, meetings and tourist spots, but anywhere you want to go.

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