Car Services

Make the most of your every minute in Shanghai with our car / bus with professional driver services.

Our Car Services

We offer car rental with driver services for various occasions, with extra assistance when needed

Business Trips

Have you got a few important meetings lined up in Shanghai with a tight schedule? We offer on-time, professional door-to-door car service with experienced English-speaking drivers to ensure you a laid-back, hassle-free journey.

Sightseeing Tours

The blending of East and West is the cultural heritage and architectural features of Shanghai, which attracts many overseas visitors. Our bilingual private tour service has won numerous compliments from our clients.

Industrial Visits

Whether the factories or industrial sites you want to visit are on the outskirts of Shanghai or in other cities, our bilingual engineer drivers can safely escort you all the way and provide on-site interpretation when needed.

Airport Transfers

How would you feel if, after a very exhausting long flight, a friendly driver was waiting at the airport arrival gate as promised to help you with all your luggage and get you safely and comfortably to your hotel or home?

Inter-city Rides

If you are traveling with pets, or have items that cannot be taken on a plane or G-train, taking a car ride is always an option. We can arrange the most reliable, safe and comfortable long-distance inter-city travel options. 

Events Transportation

Whether it is for your company’s product launches, attending trade shows, meeting & hosting clients, or holding large reunions or annual conferences, you will need to use a reliable fleet of vehicles to provide transportation services.

Exhibition Transfers

Your team needs to commute between your company/hotel and the exhibition hall every day, your exhibits need to be transported, and your boss or VIP clients may not be comfortable visiting your booth by public transportation. We provide limousines/business vans/Mid-sized buses/coaches.

Travel with Pets

Traveling with your pet is an option for every pet lover on vacation. Don’t worry about being turned away by a cab, our drivers love pets just as much as you do. Public transportation in Shanghai does not support bringing pets very well. Whether you are taking your pet on a long trip or to the vet clinic, contact us.

Nightlifes / Parties

Driving yourself to a nightlife or various parties in Shanghai can be a hassle. Parking is hard to find, and you have to hire a chauffeur to drive you home after a drink. Our door-to-door chauffeur service is available 24 hours a day. Safe, comfortable and punctual, with absolute protection of your privacy.

School Kids Transfers

What happens when your kids need to be transported to and from school or training facilities every day and you don’t have enough time? You need a driver you can trust! is your worry-free choice! We are the right hands for many expat families with our caring and patient service.

Work Commute

If you are temporarily in Shanghai for a few weeks or months’ work and don’t want to squeeze a bus or wait for a cab at an uncertain time every day, consider using our professional driver with car service. No hassles of finding a parking space or worrying about unsanitary vehicles or uncooperative drivers.

Weddings Fleets

It is very important to have an elaborate and decent wedding ceremony. We provide professional wedding concierge fleet. We can communicate bilingually in advance so that every detail is perfectly presented and adds color to your wedding feast.

Shopping Transfers & Help

For expat families in Shanghai, many moms have enough time to go shopping at the various malls/boutiques in Shanghai after dropping off their kids at school. Our English speaking chauffeurs not only make all trips easy and comfortable, but can also help with the purchased items when needed.

Weekend Getaways

Weekends are the best time for people living in the mega-city of Shanghai to refresh their mood and recharge their energy. Whether it’s a short day trip or a 2-day trip to the far outskirts, our comfortable vehicles and gracious drivers are waiting for your call. Check out our list of must-see destinations.

Train Stations & Cruise Ports Transfers

Besides planes, you may arrive in Shanghai by G-train or cruise ship. We can arrange a reliable driver to wait at the pick-up point in advance to make your trip decent and comfortable. Our bilingual staff is online 7/24 and our drivers can also speak English, so you don’t have to worry about any communication problems.

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