FAQ: What kind of car/bus do you have? Can you organize group travels?

What kind of cars/buses do you have? Can you organize group trips?


Q1. What kind of car/bus do you have?

We have full range of cars and buses from 5-seatsedans to 55-seat buses. Here I list a few of them just for you reference. Normally you simply tell us your seating requirements, and we can recommend you cars or buses suitable for that application. You can also name the car specifically and check with us for availability.

  • Buick GL8 is most popularly used.
  • Business Sedan e.g. Ford Mondeo, VolksWagen Passat, Buick LaCrosse, etc.
  • High Class sedan, e.g. Mercedes Benz E-series, S-series, BMW 5 series, 7 series, Audi A6L, A8L, etc.
  • Luxury Van, e.g. Mercedes Benz Viano, Vito, etc.
  • Mini-bus, Mercedes Benz Sprinter (17 seats), MB100 (12, 15 seats), Ford Trasit (17 seats), 19, 22-seat Toyota Coaster, etc.
  • Buses, 33, 37, 53 and 55 seats.

Q2. Can you organize group travels?

    Yes. We have lots of experience organizing group use of cars/buses. We can arrange a mixture of buses and cars use for large groups. Tell us your specific needs and we can give you a comprehensive solution.