how do you import from china ?

1) What do you want to import ?
– You can choose a product you like. This helps you to stay motivated and passionate about your product
– Think about the shipping cost. If it is bulky and low profit margin, you may need to change your product

2) Find Your suppliers
– A few resources are

3) Contact every supplier you listed
– Ask your supplier for references
– Make sure your supplier are properly licensed and complied with trade laws
– Must know the location and name of the factory that will produce your product
** make sure the factory exists **
– capability and experience of the factory that produces your product
– Ask for product sample and stress test it

4) Spend time to negotiate with selected suppliers
– Chinese exporter will take thing slowly with you until they get to know you better
– Actual contract is just a formality. Relationship and moral integrity is much more important than a contract
– Chinese Manners – Make sure you address the top ranking officer not by first name but with a manager title or boss title. Shake hands with low ranking executives will affect your relationship. Always shake hands with the most important executive first

5) Contact Resellers for your product
– Enlist a list of potential resellers, contact them by phone and email. Introduce your company well
– You can also start in ebay, group buying site, or your own online store
– You can become wholesaler. You can sell lots of products to a few customers 🙂

6) Shipment process
– EMS ( Express Mail Service) e.g USPS, this is good for delivering good to the United States
– DHL – a good service to ship from China to other countries
– FOB – Free On Board – It’s Freight shipping. Seller pays for transportation costs of the goods to the indicated port of loading or shipment and the loading costs. Buyer pays for the costs of transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the port of arrival.

7) Customs, Duties and Border Protection
– Ask the import specialists for your port of import. They will advise you about product requirements, duty rates, filing entries, preparing and filing all required paperwork

8) Pick-Up and Transport
Pick up your shipment at the port of entry, then ship to your warehouse or local resellers. Contact commercial cargo company and make the arrangements before shipment. Find one in your local yellow pages or online, shipping agents and logistic companies handle this for you

Have Fun doing china sourcing, or finding china manufacturing !
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