What differentiates ShanghaiDriver from other car rental companies in Shanghai?

1. English Support. Compared with other car rental companies in Shanghai, our English support is much more substantial. Many of our drivers can speak English. Others cannot, but our English speaking staff is 7/24 on the other side of phone to support our driver in communicating with the client. When necessary, we can even send a separate interpreter, at low cost, to travel alongside the client.

2. Quick Response. We can be reached through email, phone, and other means such as WhatsApp and Skype to ensure communication is instant and effective.

3. Better Rate. Our price is competitive compared with other companies in Shanghai who overcharge overseas customers. Some of our popular cars are rented for lower than the market price local customers pay. For example, the basic price of our luxury car Mercedes Benz S600 is RMB2100 (USD350)/day(8-hours),80km. During promotion, we can even charge only RMB1800 (USD300)/day. Others may charge you RMB2700 (USD450) or more.

4. Global Business Mind. Our managers and staff are both local Chinese and foreigners, which allows us to better understand foreign cultures and business practices. This is a big help when we work with our foreign clients to arrange his or her entire business/leisure travel itinerary.

5. We Specialize in Foreign Clientele. We provide car rental and business support only to foreign clients. We are always trying our best to improve our service to foreign clients and make their travel as smooth as possible. We accumulated much valuable experience due to this devotion.

6. We Are Not Just a Car Rental Company. We have the necessary support to enable a foreigner hit the ground running in China. We provide translation, interpretation, legal, accounting and other business services as well.